N9WIB Notebook

Entertainment Center

This will be our new entertainment center for the living room. It will be built it two parts. The first part will be the base and the second will be the shelving unit to hold the television and books. Core material is four-quarter cherry from Deppler's in Monroe, WI.

The face frame is made out of solid cherry and is 25 inches high and 84 inches long. The legs are made from solid poplar and planed to 1 7/8 by 2 1/8 inches and are 29 inches long. The face frame was joined with Kreg pocket holes and screws and glued.

Joining solid cherry wood to create the face frame

May 13th

Front cherry face frame, assembled and glued. Two lateral side panels cut from 3/4 cherry plywood. Poplar legs rounded over on three sides with 1/4 inch router round over bit. All wood sanded 80, 120, 180 grit.


May 19th

Center pine brace attached to face frame to provide additional support. Lateral side panels attached with pocket holes and screws. Also added bottom support for plywood bottom.  Back of unit also completed with plywood.


End of May


Door frames made from solid cherry rails and styles. Center panel 1/2 inch plywood. Quarter inch round over bit used for edge on doors.



Top of cabinet made by running 4/4 solid cherry through planer to approximately 3/4 inch and end glued. Also used biscuits for alignment and pocket holes for additional strength. Clampzilla used to secure boards. Top then cut with track saw down to size and sanded to 120 grit after 80 grit.


Cabinet without trim. Three quarter inch plywood used on top and solid cherry glued and screwed with hard wood pocket hole screws from underneath. Hand router with 1/4 inch round over bit used to make edging for top. Glued 2 2x4 pieces and used for center bottom support for additional stability.

June 4th


Entertainment center base complete. Sanded to 120 grit and Rubio Monocoat Oil 2C used to finish Cherry Coral.